DJ Jut Rut

Growing up in Music City, Justin Mitchell (aka Jut Rut) was exposed to a vast array of music via his parent’s record collection and an abundance of live music experiences.  Deeply influenced by Hip Hop and underground party scene of the ’90s, Jut Rut brings an eclectic mix of party music to his live performance that crosses multiple genres and keeps heads bobbing and dance floor bouncing.

DJ Jut Rut

Armstrong, McNair, and Watson

After a 15 year stint with classical music, Meade Armstrong decided she needed a break from the stuff. So one summer, she befriended some lovely traditional musicians who helped in introducing her to the music she didn’t know she needed. Meade continued to teach classical music to a small studio of students, and eventually incorporated a more laid-back, recreational fiddle club after years of requests from students. Jessica Watson had taken up the guitar at the age of 10, with the intention of becoming the next Reba McEntire, and then realized that her hair would never do what was required to be a country music superstar. So instead, she studied classical guitar at the Middle Tennessee State University, and thanks to some fellow music students, discovered what she had always been missing in her life… the clawhammer banjo.

After all of their schooling, Meade Armstrong and Jessica Watson both taught music lessons at a studio on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. Following lessons, they would wander to the liquor store next door for a bottle of vino to take home (because that’s what teachers do). A nice fella named Thomas McNair would always help them with their bottle selections, and they quickly learned that tasty bottles weren’t the only thing he knew how to select. When not slinging top shelf booze, McNair is playing smooth, yet beautifully zingy licks on his guitar, often providing a solid beat for contra and square dancers all over town. Thomas can be found alongside some of Knoxville’s finest oldtime & Western swing boys in The Tennessee Stifflegs, while Meade and Jessica are often seen playing in groups like Red Shoes & Rosin and Legbeard. However, on a few occasions, Watson, Armstrong, and McNair are able to bring their instruments, voices, and love for traditional music together and give people something to dance to, should those people feel the need.

Indigenous Vibes

Indigenous Vibes, the Knoxville African drum group, features the talented teacher and drummer, Obayana Ajanaku. The drum group will host an interactive drum circle for guests to enjoy as they follow along to the awesome beats by this remarkable group.